Casino Nights

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Why not create that Vegas Vibe and and have great fun with your guests - we have all the games you'll need.

Game On!

We offer Casino Grade professional tables, uniformed croupiers and everything you need to make your night a success.


Spin the wheel and see if you can get lucky with our full size tables and professional Roulette wheels.

Each table can accomodate appox 10 players.


Great fun and easy to pick up - Blackjack is a great attraction for your event.

Professional grade tables and dealers accomodate approx 10 players at once.


From small sit and go tables to a mini tournament - we can teach the game of Texas Hold Em poker and our profgessional dealers and tables will ensure the game runs smoothly - Each table seats 10 people.

Giant Operation Game

A crazy full size version of the classic operation game. Can you complete the surgery in time and not lose any lives?

Very popular competitive game.

What do I need to know?

Here' some frequently asked questions about our tailored casino nights.

There's full information about how to run legal fun casino nights - you can visit the site here and download the PDF here.

There's full measurements of each table in the Casino Guide PDF downloadable here.
Generally each table needs about 2.5m by 1.5m in space. 

Don't worry!

Our trained dealers and croupiers are there to ensure your guests have fun and they show people how to play. We supply laminted rule cards on each table too.

Give us a call on 01246 813713 with the date and what you are planning - we'd be happy to give advice and ideas on how to make your event a success!